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Triathlete store in Largo expanding

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Triathlete store in Largo expanding Empty Triathlete store in Largo expanding

Post  mbbrad4d Mon Jan 19, 2009 1:45 pm

I just got a call from Paul at Outspokin'--it's the store where I bought my Cervelo. I love you

They're expanding to a new place in Largo--at the corner of Gulf to Bay and Belcher. They'll be in their new place sometime in March...just in time for the opening of triathlon season (by the way, they sponsor a bunch of triathlons on the Gulf).

This is a REALLY great triathlete's store (as well as a roadie store)--they've got just about everything you might need. Right now the store is about the size of Bent's store, but Paul said the new store is more than twice the size of the old store.

They're adding a new bike fitting studio, including the "Retul" (sp?) fitting, which is the one where you're hooked up to sensors and you're measured digitally for your bike fit.

I think they have this type of fitting available now at their old store, as well as the traditional fittings. Traditional fittings are $120, and the sensor/digital fittings are $250, but take about two hours to complete.

Their Web site is, or you can contact Paul directly at

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